4 Oral Ailments To Discuss With Your Dentist

Bad Breath Treatment Wilson

We all go to the dentist for exams and cleanings, but there are other, less-obvious issues that we can help you with. Today, we would like to discuss some of the most prevalent oral conditions that should be discussed with us at Wilson Dental Group.

1. Bad Breath. Sure, nobody wants to admit that they have bad breath, but bad breath can be treated. It is usually associated with bacteria build-up in the mouth. This means that it might be a symptom of accelerating tooth decay. Ask us how to overcome this malady.

2. Dry Mouth. Also known as xerostomia, this lack of saliva is very irritating and can make you susceptible to a host of issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. Some people experience it due to prescription medications or chronic diseases, so make sure to bring a list of current prescriptions with you to your appointment.

3. Jaw Issues. If you suffer from jaw pain or notice a clicking sound, be sure to schedule an appointment with us promptly! These symptoms can be signs of a serious condition called temporomandibular disorder or TMD.

4. Teeth Grinding. If you’ve been stressed out and find that you’ve been grinding your teeth (or if your partner tells you that you’re doing it in your sleep), discuss it with us. A simple appliance can safeguard your teeth. If you have sufferred damage from grinding such as fractured or chipped teeth, we will give you details about restorative dentistry.

At Wilson Dental Group, our services go beyond the general and cosmetic dentistry we offer. Schedule your next cleaning and checkup with us today!

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