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When we are young, we feel powerful. We think we will live forever, and we know more than our parents. As we age, we discover that none of that is true, and we begin to appreciate the wisdom of those who have gone before us. That includes everything our parents said about dental care, and is a good reason to see us at Wilson Dental Group for a checkup and cleaning every six months.

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Visiting the dentist regularly is one of the wisest moves a parent can make for their child. A child’s oral health is a journey of guiding and correcting. Healthy habits are formed over time. Perhaps last year it was about not chewing ice; this year it’s about brushing at the base of the molars. Next year it will be about flossing daily. Best to get the bad habits fixed right away.

The same holds true for adults. Regular visits can correct a course that may eventually lead to pain, gum disease, damaged teeth, or complete tooth loss. Potential problems are best discovered sooner than later.

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At Wilson Dental Group we make it a point to ascertain your needs. Whether you have urgent concerns or just need a routine check up on the state of your oral health, we would like to be your first choice.

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Dental health is maintained through regular maintenance, and preventative measures. Enjoy continued health and vibrancy as a result of superior dental care, vigilant dental hygiene, and healthy habits. At Wilson Dental Group we specialize in checkups and cleanings, and have convenient office hours that fit any schedule. Make an appointment with us today.

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