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Hi, and welcome to the Wilson Dental Group blog. Each member of our team is a committed professional, and practicing dentistry is a rewarding experience.

Between restorative and cosmetic dentistry, our dentists are able to create brilliant smiles for patients that beautify as well as satisfy. We are pleased with the changes for good we see in a person’s life.

Let’s Talk

We are able to meet and discuss what is necessary, what is desired and what is possible for your smile before we create an individualized plan of action. Call to find out about the cost of various dental services and to schedule a consultation. We aim for competitive costs when it comes to smile redesigns through cosmetic dental procedures and restorative dentistry. Big or small, the procedures are critical to our patients and their self confidence and are therefore of the utmost importance to us.

Over the years we have executed many procedures involving family dentistry, general dentistry, and pediatric dentistry as well as educating and guiding patients to better hygiene and understanding of their oral needs and possibilities. That freely revealed smile of childhood can be restored to you.

Restorative dentistry ranges from simple fillings to chipped tooth restoration to dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry has many caveats that require consideration and experience. At Wilson Dental Group, we look forward to meeting your needs on your terms. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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