Regain Confidence with Dentures

Denture Options in Wilson

Dentures are one of the oldest forms of full or partial tooth replacement, and they continue to evolve and improve as modern dentistry advances!

Our dentures come in a variety of sizes and materials. They are customized to fit your mouth comfortably.

We want your dentures to be so much more than false teeth! We work hard to make sure they fit properly and make you feel confident.

Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

We provide both full dentures and partial dentures at Wilson Dental Group. We will help you design your dentures based on your individual needs.

  • Full dentures consist of a full arch of replacement teeth. They fit snugly along the dental ridge, supported by a gum-colored base.
  • Partial dentures contain only a few replacement teeth, however many are needed. They fit between the healthy remaining teeth and are supported by the adjacent teeth.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss is surprisingly common. Many of the people you have met likely have false teeth.

  • Out of adults from 35 to 44 years old, 69 percent have lost at least one permanent tooth!
  • By age 50, the average American has lost about 10 adult teeth.
  • Among adults ages 65-74, 26% have lost ALL of their permanent teeth.

Tooth loss can occur for a number of reason. Gum disease is the top cause for tooth loss in adults.

  • Gum disease causes gum inflammation, jawbone deterioration, and tooth loss. Over half of the adult population suffers from at least mild gum disease.
  • Deep or extensive decay may eventually lead to tooth loss.
  • Physical trauma i.e. car accidents or sports accidents may cause instant tooth loss.

While it is preferable to treat gum disease and other problems in their early stages, tooth loss is not always avoidable! We are not here to judge at Wilson Dental Group–we are here to offer you a replacement smile that you love!

Dentures Benefit your Appearance and Health!

Modern dentures have many more benefits than the false teeth of the past. They are made to closely match your natural teeth. They will also fill out the contours of your face and profile, giving you a more youthful look.

Dentures will make it easier to chew and speak again. Most importantly, you will have a beautiful and confident smile that’s all yours.

We use high-quality materials at Wilson Dental Group to give you a great set of dentures. To schedule a consultation with our experienced professionals, call our office today. We look forward to assisting you!

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